Looking for an upscale personalized vacation? Introducing Rizort Vacation – our signature offering to help you plan a perfect vacation.

Choose from our diligently curated vacations or simply design your own vacation from scratch. What do we do differently? We ask why. Based on the intent for your vacation you can pick from the list of handpicked luxurious hotels, experiences available in hotel and around the destination and design your kind of vacation.

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Priviledge PrivilEDGE

An Exclusive on-Travel Loyalty
Program Designed for You

Here at Rizort, we pride ourselves on changing the way you experience luxury, adding a touch of distinct personalization. Rizort PrivilEDGE is a unique on-travel loyalty program that gives you additional benefits for booking a vacation with Rizort.

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A Journey of a

"Booking with Rizort was one of the best decisions we took while planning our vacation to Bali. It was not just a great experience but their small touches like the VIP immigration and lounge access really kickstarted our holiday in the right way."
Tina A.Travelled from Canada to Bali
"On the Rizort front, there were 2 people waiting as soon as we got off the plane. They greeted us with a big smile and helped us through immigrations and visa. Our hotel Paresa was truly a breathtaking place and so was the staff. It was great that we got an upgrade to the spa suite. Overall, I can’t say enough good things about the whole experience. It was truly magical, and we would definitely consider using Rizort again! You guys have great taste when it comes to picking resorts and simplifying the whole experience."
Santosh ParesaTraveled from Hongkong to Thailand
"Thanks so much for organizing an amazing vacation for our family. We loved the surprise PrivilEDGE which we received as soon as we landed in Bali, it certainly elevated the overall delight and experience of the trip for us. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and its was a memorable trip for all of us. Can’t wait to travel again to our next destination with Rizort soon. Keep up the good work."
Shivani NigamTraveled from India to Bali
"We had an amazing vacation and an awesome time together during our vacation with Rizort. We wouldn’t have found a gem like The Edge, Bali if Rizort wouldn’t have made it easy for customer to discover this property. We took this vacation after a long time with a group of 10 people of different ages and it was not an easy task at home, but I think it all happened way too smooth and the experiences, delivered by Rizort ,of Bali have liberated every soul in one way or the other. Congratulations and thank you for creating such a memorable vacation for us. Three cheers for Rizort!!"
Aditi T.Travel from India to Bali
"It was such a great experience to book through Rizort, right from the time we got off our plane the Privilege we got as VIP Immigration and VIP Transfer was phenomenal in fact they made sure that there was a baby seat in the car for our 14 month old baby even though we didn’t request for one . Their hotel selection was again something we would like to applaud, just the right mix of bespoke hotels. The minute we arrived, tired and weary from our long flight, we felt we had made the right decision staying at Samabe. It was extremely spacious with great aesthetics and the butler service was amazing. Thank you for such an enjoyable experience that our family will never forget."
SunnyTraveled from Singapore to Bali

The App World
Our Virtual Presence

VR App

The Rizort VR App

Immerse yourself in the opulence of our bespoke properties. Virtually explore the hotel from the rooms to the pool and everything in between without leaving the comfort of your home.

Available for Oculus GO and Samsung Gear VR.

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Concierge App

The Rizort Concierge App Your vacation at your fingertips

To ensure your vacation is superlative we stay with you at every step through a virtual concierge app.

Download the app to access information about your booking, local apps and more. You can also add experiences and personalize your vacation on-the-go.

Available on Playstore and App store.

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