Redefining Vacations

We at Rizort bring immersive vacation planning and booking services for travelers who have come to expect excellence. We do this by prioritizing intent, comfort, and uniqueness above all else. We understand the needs of different vacations – a honeymoon is not the same as a family vacation which is completely unlike an adventure vacation. For instance, the honeymooner wants to stay at a resort that caters to only adults and wants to create memories by indulging in romantic experiences.

We pride ourselves in being able to present these relevant options to our travelers. Our travelers are free to curate their own vacation or choose from our carefully tailored vacations.

With our love and passion for travel

Our team of destination experts dive deep into the exotic destinations we choose.

  • We hand pick the best stays – be it a resort, hotel or a villa, in each destination.
  • The experiences we curate are unique and tend to immerse you knee deep in the culture of the destination.
  • With years of collective travel experience, we have stitched together some of the best stays along with experiences that are relevant to your travel intent.
Friends and Founders

Nishant Sameer CPO

Friends and Founders

Mohit Saxena CBO

Friends and Founders

Sachin Kanodia CEO & CTO

Founders Speak

Uniqueness is no longer an exception, it is an expectation!

This is the first core thought which came to us when we decided to build Rizort as the very first managed market place for luxury vacations. With curation, personalization, quality of experience and end to end services at the core of our thinking, we ventured into the journey to create a unique vacation service for today's travelers.

We set a goal to unify a traveler's journey from inspiration to travel. We are always evolving our immersive dreaming platform across web, mobile and virtual reality. We do this with higher precision by asking the right questions to understand a consumer's intent for a vacation.

We believe every vacation is as special and unique as you are!

Our Travel Brag

Our team consists of pure breed travelers. By that, all we mean is each one of us lives to travel. Don’t mind if we brag just a little bit.

Travel Brag