Rizort is a luxury vacation market place. With Rizort, you can discover curated collections based on your travel intent while personalizing any collection to best suit your vacation needs. We enhance your experience with exclusive Rizort PrivilEDGE which are carefully designed for luxury travellers. We also provide you the ability to control your vacation at your fingertips through a well-designed app based concierge.

At Rizort, we want you to be able to design and build your own itinerary based on your intentions and interests. We give you the flexibility to either start from a recommended collection and add/modify experiences to it or build your entire itinerary from scratch. Since we only partner with luxury hotels in our selected destinations, we provide you bespoke experiences designed by the properties themselves for you to center your vacation around.

Collections are a set of Hotels, Activities and Tours that culminate a combination of stay and experiences. Since a vacation generally consists of these two components, we have created these collections based on travel intentions. You may choose to buy a collection as is or add/modify to it as per your requirements. You can also build you own personalized vacation collection from scratch based around experiences you may want to pick. Add, replace, swap any room type or experience and enjoy your next vacation to the fullest.

We understand your inspiration and desire to travel. Our platform is designed to understand your intent and recommend collections, hotels and experiences based on those intentions. We also tag all the collections, hotels and experiences in our system against top intents to help you make easier decisions. You will see an Intent drop down on the top bar that allows you to tell us your vacation intention. Once you select your intent, you will be asked for your top interests on the basis of that intent. The combination of these two selections will give you a list of recommended Collections, Hotels and Experiences that are sorted by an internal scoring mechanism on the basis of the selected intents.

We have an intent rating mechanism (patent pending) which has multiple layers that match user requirements and needs to travel intentions.

Rizort PrivilEDGE is a one of a kind program that aims to elevate your experience on travel. These are carefully designed benefits and perks that are specifically aimed towards a luxury traveler. The program identifies with the concept of – “You book and you are in”; implying that just by booking your vacation through Rizort, you will receive all the benefits listed under the PrivilEDGE section for each collection or hotel. You can view what Rizort PrivilEDGE you can get with each booking by hovering over the P symbol during the booking phase.

The Rizort Concierge App is essentially your vacation concierge at your fingertips. The app allows you to login with your Rizort credentials and access your booked collections and view all details related to it. It also acts as a gateway to access all your Rizort PrivilEDGE, get notifications on upcoming experiences and discover any free activities that may be available in your Hotel. You can also rate and provide feedback on completed experiences. You can download the app starting April 1, 2018 on iOS App store and Android Play store.

At Rizort, we provide you a platform that allows you to create your own personalized vacations. This means a combination of where you stay and the experiences you have at that destination. In order to facilitate this combination, we provide a bundled pricing called ‘Rizort Collection Price’. This is a bundled rate that applies a certain concession for booking your stay and experiences together through Rizort.

Booking on Rizort is easy!

a) Login to Rizort with your registered email ID,

b) Select your intent and interest or choose a hotel and experiences based on your travel dates

c) Select from the curated options by Rizort and proceed towards pricing your collection

d) Enter traveler details and card details to complete the payment option.

Please note: Your credit card will only be charged once your booking is confirmed. It generally takes 24 hours to confirm the booking.

We do run marketing offers that allow our users to apply a promotional code or a referral code to avail discounts or benefits. These offers will be communicated to you via email, so please keep an eye out for our promotional emails.

In the meantime, we provide you with a ‘Rizort Collection Price’, which provides you a bundled rate on your vacation.

We don’t charge your credit/debit card until we confirm your complete itinerary from the hotel. We shall send you the booking confirmation email once we confirm your personalized itinerary with the hotel and your payment is also confirmed.

After you complete the payment process, the final confirmation process shall take 24 hours. We require this time to confirm your personalized itinerary as per your preference. Your card will only get charged once your booking is confirmed by the hotel.

All the details related to your booked collection is saved under your profile. Please log-in with your registered email address to view all your details.

You just need to download the Rizort Concierge App and you will be able to view all the booking details. No need to download any booking confirmation emails, carry print-out’s. Enjoy hassle free travel with Rizort.

You can download the app starting April 1, 2018 on iOS App store and Android Play store.

Please email us at reservations@rizort.com with the email ID through which you booked your Rizort collection.

In case you have a special promo code, please enter the alphanumeric number while completing the payment. The discount will be applied automatically as per the conditions associated with the promo code.

We accept payment through all major credit and debit cards.

You can view all the details related to your booking by logging in to Rizort with your registered email ID.

If you have received your booking confirmation, we request you to please download your Rizort concierge app. This will allow you to avail the exclusive Rizort PrivilEDGE and will also assist you during your vacation.

You can download the app starting April 1, 2018 on iOS App store and Android Play store.

Your Rizort PrivilEDGE are exclusive benefits you receive when you book with Rizort. You don’t require any other voucher/code/confirmation for these. They are automatically available to you with a valid Rizort booking ID.

We only offer a complete vacation experience. In case you still wish to book only a particular activity or tour, please connect with us on support@rizort.com

Please email us at reservations@rizort.com in case you face such a situation.

Please make sure you mention the same at the time of completing the payment. Any amendments after booking confirmation will not be possible.

At the moment, we do not offer any corporate or bulk booking discount. In case you have a special requirement for your travel please mention the same at the time of booking or email us at reservations@rizort.com

Early check-in and late check-out is subject to availability and as per the discretion of the hotel.

At Rizort, we believe that our product should speak for itself and allow you to traverse through the website easily and efficiently. While we are available on email and chat for any issues that you may face, we do not provide a call centre or customer support number. If you face any issues during the booking process, please feel free to drop us an email at support@rizort.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We support payments only in USD.

Yes, we have tied up with Stripe for a secured payment gateway and your payment will be completely secured.

You will receive the booking email which will act as a receipt of your booking, as soon you complete the payment process.

You can pay for your booking through any major credit/debit cards. However, you will not be able to pay with multiple cards. You can contact your bank for EMI option.

Please re-check the total payable amount against the amount charged on your credit card. In case there are any currency conversions, please take that into account. If you still feel that there is an issue with the amount charged, please email us at support@rizort.com

The payment gateway is in partnership with Stripe which is a completely secure payment gateway system.

We completely understand your desire to avail this option but we are working towards making sure that you have an amazing experience with your confirmed bookings. A partial payment makes it operationally difficult to provide and confirm that experience with our partnered hotels.

In case your card is charged, your booking is confirmed and your confirmation email has been sent to you. In case you have not received the email, please check your registered email ID and also contact us at reservations@rizort.com

At the moment, we offer non-refundable and non-cancellable bookings. In case you require any further assistance required, please feel free to contact us at support@rizort.com

Change of dates is completely at the discretion of the property and subject to availability. In case you wish to change your travel dates please get in touch with our support team at support@rizort.com.. Additional charges may apply.

If your booking is ‘Confirmed’ there cannot be any further modifications to the itinerary.

Please do drop an email at reservations@rizort.com with the activity that you have missed. We also advise you to please get in touch with the front desk of your hotel and update them of the situation. We shall try to accommodate your missed activity on any of the free days. However, there cannot be a refund/part refund/exchange of activity in lieu of the missed activity.

We will be launching with our referral program very soon, please watch this space for updates regarding this.

In case you are logged out of your account, please refer to our previous email where we communicated the login credentials. In case you are not able to locate the email, please do send us an email at support@rizort.com

All your saved and booked trips are saved in your account. Please log in at rizort.com with your registered email ID and view all the booking details. You will not be able to book the saved collection through Rizort Concierge App.

Please re-install the app in case it’s giving issues. If you still face the same issue, please email us at support@rizort.com with the issue.

You can provide a feedback for each stay or activity through the Rizort Concierge App. The Rizort concierge app will prompt you for a feedback after you complete the stay or activity.

Rizort deals in curated collections and experiences. We do not deal in flight bookings, VISA processes and travel insurance. However, we strongly suggest you to please apply for travel insurance for your next vacation.

We understand your need to experience different properties and experiences. Our business development team is working hard to secure new destinations and experiences. In case you have a specific destination in mind, please drop an email at support@rizort.com